Plusrite Electric Scooters & Bikes

Electric Scooters for All Ages

We supply a range of different models designed to suit different riders. With a maximum speed of up to 30 kilometres an hour, our e-scooters are fitted with a drum and rear brake system to ensure your safety and comfort. Completely portable at just 10-12kg, they fold away to a compact size for easy transport and storage. They feature bluetooth speakers, which means you can safely listen to music while still maintaining a safe awareness of your surroundings and travelling responsibly. This makes them an ideal option for kids travelling to school, providing them with an electric scooter, a high-quality and lightweight mode of transportation that is time-efficient and reliable. Our e-scooters also provide a speedy and comfortable means for commuters to travel to work for adults, saving you from lengthy walks and frustrating foot traffic. With an unbeatable price and charging times of only 3-5 hours depending on the model and a range of up to 30km on a single charge, Plusrite e-scooters are the best you can buy in Melbourne. Electric scooters have also become an increasingly popular option for seniors, offering them a quick and easy mode of transportation that doesn’t require strenuous physical activity and a complicated control system. Feature motors powered between 250W and 350W, they deliver safe and reliable performance while being eco-friendly and built to last. They are completely waterproof and designed for use on just about any terrain.

Why Choose Us

With a one-year warranty, we can promise electric scooter users in Australia a dependable and convenient e-scooter that is fun and safe for the whole family. We also provide after sales support if your e-scooter needs repair. To find out more about any of our electric scooters, please feel free to contact us or buy online today. We have electric scooters for sale in Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Brisbane, Adelaide with FREE DELIVERY AUSTRALIA WIDE