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Quality Factory Lighting Solutions

150w High bay lights in a Adelaide warehouse

In a production-driven setting like a factory, it is essential to create an environment that ensures safety, productivity, and cost-effectiveness. A critical component that fulfils all these requirements is one often overlooked: factory lighting. With the right lighting solutions, you can illuminate your path to success and sustainability.

As part of this discussion, we will explore the key features of optimal factory lighting, delve into the benefits, and introduce you to the exceptional range of products offered by Plusrite Australia.

Importance of Optimised Factory Lighting

Good factory lighting is not just about brightening up the workspace. It goes far beyond. It directly influences factors such as safety measures, productivity levels, and energy consumption.

Safety: Proper lighting helps in avoiding accidents by ensuring clear visibility of the workplace, machinery, and potential hazards.

Productivity: A well-lit factory can improve worker accuracy and efficiency, directly contributing to higher productivity.

Energy Consumption: With energy-efficient lighting solutions, you can significantly reduce your factory’s energy consumption, contributing to cost savings and environmental sustainability.

Discover the Perfect Factory Lighting with Plusrite Australia

Your search for the perfect factory lighting solutions ends with Plusrite Australia, a leading name in the lighting industry. They offer an extensive range of high-quality, energy-efficient products designed for various industrial and commercial applications.

From LED high bays, floodlights, to industrial-grade solar lights, Plusrite’s product category pages showcase a myriad of factory lighting options tailored to meet your needs. Each product is meticulously crafted to deliver exceptional performance, durability, and energy efficiency.

LED High Bay Lights

LED high bay lights from Plusrite are perfect for facilities with high ceilings. They offer bright, uniform light distribution, making them ideal for large, open spaces. Check out the collection here.

240W LED High Bay Lights Western Australia
Plusrite 240W LED High Bay Lights installed in Western Australia warehouse with a ceiling height of 20 meters

LED Floodlights

For outdoor areas or spaces that require intense lighting, Plusrite’s LED floodlights are the perfect choice. With superior brightness and extensive coverage, these floodlights ensure safety and visibility. Explore the range here.

Solar Lights

Plusrite’s industrial-grade solar lights offer an eco-friendly and cost-effective alternative to traditional factory lighting solutions. With their solar-powered operation, they provide excellent illumination while reducing your carbon footprint. Discover the collection here.

Complimentary Commercial Lighting Design Service

Designing an efficient lighting system can be a challenging task. But with Plusrite Australia, you get access to a free commercial lighting design service. Their team of experts will assess your factory setup, understand your specific requirements, and design a customised lighting solution that enhances safety, productivity, and energy efficiency.

Factory Lighting by Plusrite Australia
Factory lighting by Plusrite Australia

Nationwide Network of Electricians and Installers

Plusrite Australia’s commitment to their customers doesn’t stop at providing superior lighting products. They also offer access to a network of professional electricians and installers all over Australia. This ensures that their lighting solutions are installed correctly, providing you with peace of mind and hassle-free service.

In Conclusion

Lighting is not just a matter of illumination in a factory environment. It’s about creating a safer, more productive, and sustainable workspace. If you are in the market for high-quality, energy-efficient factory lighting solutions, Plusrite Australia is the go-to destination. With a diverse product range, free commercial lighting design service, and a national network of electricians and installers, they are committed to delivering value beyond the product.

Shed some light on your factory lighting today with Plusrite Australia. Your workforce, and your bottom line, will thank you for it!

13 reviews on
Lindsay Wood
Lindsay Wood
19. May, 2022.
Amazing service. After ordering from Michael I expected the lights to take a week to get to Brisbane (like many items I buy from interstate suppliers), but no, these turned up the next business day. Well done.
Olivia Peacock
Olivia Peacock
28. September, 2021.
Ross and the Plusrite team have the knowledge and expertise to get you the best quality products at a very competitive price. Biggest range of products I’ve seen in Australia. Would recommend.
Graeme Robinson
Graeme Robinson
16. September, 2021.
This company sells quality lighting equipment.Very happy with my solar lights.Thank you warren and ross.
Ian Thompson
Ian Thompson
17. August, 2021.
Bought some BLUE LED Garden Solar lights - cheaper price than I could find elsewhere. The people at PLUSRITE were prompt and answered all questions - the products arrived very quickly and all are working great. Highly recommend!
Cece Tee
Cece Tee
9. June, 2021.
Amazing quick delivery! Bought LEDs for chandelier and it looks amazing. Thank you!
Maurice Scalia
Maurice Scalia
20. April, 2021.
Purchased the AU08-DL30W/W/S downlights with romote in October 2020 but only installed 3 weeks ago. They are great lights & the remote & setup are very easy to use. I Installed the new downlights as the existing downlights had power sockets in the ceiling space which meant that I could unplug my old ones & simply plug in the new ones. That was easy apart from having to enlarge the plaster hole size & make good. The amount of overall light & spread is great & the dimming works really well. I intend to buy more of these soon
Lisa Webber
Lisa Webber
4. February, 2021.
We are VERY happy with our new LED solar flood lights. So much so, we ordered a heap more for us and family. It was a simple phone call and the lights were on their way- soooooo excited. Thanks Plurite.
11. June, 2020.
Plusrite LED has provided 38off High Bay LED industrial lighting units to replace the old mercury vapour HB lights in our large Industrial complex at Darra, Queensland. What impressed us and our tenant was, the simple 5year full replacement warranty, the high efficacy 190 Lms/Watt and the pricing was competitive with other units offered. The number of lights recommended per bay were closer to our Tenants requirements then the other 3 offers and has result proved to be better than expected. RN Tupicoff Pty Ltd.
Brittany Willard
Brittany Willard
11. June, 2020.
I had Plusrite's LED downlight's installed in our whole house. With options for different colour temperatures for different parts of the house. Very happy with the quality of the lights and cannot fault their customer service. Would highly recommend purchasing from this supplier.
Hamish Jones
Hamish Jones
9. June, 2020.
Have purchased lighting products from Plusrite. Excellent customer service, quick delivery and, more importantly, quality products. I would happily recommend the Plusrite team and their products to anyone.

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