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LED Downlights

LED Downlights

Remember when downlights used to cost a fortune? Thankfully, times have changed and those days are over! Now, everybody can enjoy high quality, stylish LED downlights at affordable prices.

Plusrite are here to provide you with just that. Their extensive range of top-notch LED lights includes many variations of downlights including commercial downlights for businesses and domestic downlights which are perfect for bedrooms, bathrooms, living rooms and more.

Upgrade to LED Downlights

Most popular downlight styles at Plusrite

With over 20 different styles of LED downlight to choose from, Plusrite can guarantee they’ve got the right downlight for you. Let’s take a look at some of most popular styles of downlight at Plusrite:

Domestic downlights

Domestic downlights are perfect for home use, with lower wattages, dimming ability and plenty of brightness to bring out the best in your home. Some of Plusrite’s most popular domestic downlights include the DL28-10-PRE, DL30-10-3K and PL26-13-PR-02 models.

LED Downlights PL26-13-PR-02

Commercial LED downlights

Commercial downlights are built slightly differently to domestic downlights, with a bigger focus on brightness and anti-glare technology. Commercial downlights are higher in wattage. Some of Plusrite’s best-selling LED commercial downlights include the AU08-DL20W/W/BS and AU08-DL50W/W/5K models.

Advantages of installing LED downlights

Downlights have a whole range of benefits, in both a domestic and commercial setting:

They produce less heat, and are more energy efficient

LED downlights produce less heat than other bulbs like halogen, fluorescent and incandescent options. This means your home or business gets better lighting without driving up energy bills. You’re also contributing less CO2 to the atmosphere.


Efficiency in space is another top reason why Aussies choose LED downlights over traditional lighting methods. If you’re lacking space but need an area to be well-lit, like a wardrobe or kitchen cabinet, then LED lights are the perfect choice. They take up little room, they’re affordable and they look fantastic.

Enhanced atmosphere with Dimmable LED lights

Lighting has a significant effect on the desired atmosphere of your home or business. Many of Plusrite’s LED downlights are dimmable, giving you the power to control the atmosphere for all occasions.


From bathrooms to bedrooms to outdoor patios, downlights from Plusrite are highly versatile tools. They can be used practically anywhere, to give a sleek, modern appearance to your home or business.


LED downlights have become more and more affordable in recent years. Check out Plusrite’s stunning range of quality, affordable downlights.

Plusrite is Australia’s home of top-tier lighting solutions. Supplying a massive range of lighting products across the board, from commercial sports field lighting to LED downlights, Plusrite take quality seriously. Each product is quality tested and comes with a warranty, so that you can have full peace of mind when you choose Plusrite. Browse the range of high quality downlights and give your home or business the lighting it deserves.