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LED Ceiling Lights

Whether you’re building your dream home, renovating your business, or just need a replacement for a ceiling light, Plusrite are the team to call for all your high-quality lighting needs. Ceiling lights are a specialty at Plusrite. With a range of over 20 ceiling lights and downlights, Plusrite make sure you’ve got the right light for the right job.

Upgrade to LED

So, what are the perks of ceiling lights, and what styles are trending right now? Let’s take a look at why Australians love ceiling lights from Plusrite:

Benefits of ceiling lights

A good quality ceiling light has a range of benefits over traditional styles of lighting. These span from practicality, to pure aesthetics. Let’s go into more detail!

They don’t take up much space

One of the best things about Plusrite ceiling lights is that they’re nimble and can be fit into tight areas where conventional lighting wouldn’t. Areas that lack space, like a wardrobe or kitchen cabinet, are perfect for LED ceiling lights. They take up little room, they’re affordable and they look fantastic.

Aesthetic qualities

Ceiling lights have a sleek, contemporary look which can greatly improve the atmosphere of any home. They’re subtle, and don’t distract attention away from the rest of your home. Oyster lights, for example, are an elegant and sophisticated touch to any home, without being a distraction.

Less heat generation

LED ceiling lights from Plusrite generate less heat than conventional lights, making them more energy efficient. LED lights are about 90% more energy efficient than incandescent lights.


When you look at dollar-cost averaging, LED ceiling lights are incredibly affordable. LED lights can last up to 50 times longer than typical incandescent bulbs. Plusrite have a strong focus on durability, with LED products that are built to last.

Top styles of ceiling lights from Plusrite

Ceiling lights that are popular from Plusrite include:


Downlights have grown steadily in popularity since the 1940s when they were invented, but only recently have they become widely affordable and accessible. Plusrite have a large selection of downlights that are high quality, durable, affordable and look great too.

Oyster lights

Named after their shape, which resembles an oyster, these ceiling lights are classy, elegant and subtle. Oyster lights are a popular choice for home builders and renovators who want an energy-efficient yet stylish set of lights for indoors or outdoors.

Plusrite is Australia’s home of lighting solutions. Supplying a massive range of lighting products, from sports field lighting to home ceiling lights, Plusrite take quality seriously. Each product is quality tested and comes with a warranty, so that you can have full peace of mind when you choose Plusrite. Browse the range of high quality downlights and give your home or business the lighting it deserves.