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Metal Halide Lamps

Standard Metal Halide Lamp

A metal-halide lamp is an electrical lamp that produces light by an electric arc through a gaseous mixture of vaporized mercury and metal halides (compounds of metals with bromine or iodine). It is a type of high-intensity discharge (HID) gas discharge lamp. At Plusrite Australia, we stock a range of metal halide light globes which are powerful and reliable lights with long lifespans. Speak to our team about your requirements and we can help you choose the perfect lighting solution.

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Benefits of a metal halide lamps

Metal halide lights have been proven to be 3-5 times more efficient than incandescent bulbs, producing a higher quality light. Our range includes coated and clear varieties of metal halide lamps that meet the new Australian standards. These standards ensure all metal halide lights are covered with a protective visor, making them extremely safe to operate. We offer 250w and 400w protected metal halide lamps that are ideal for residential and commercial use in Australian buildings. Choose from a range of temperatures such as 3000K and 4200K.

Why choose Plusrite?

At Plusrite, we offer Ceramic Metal halide lamp range for showroom or shopping centre, Protect Metal halide lamp range for warehouse etc. Metal halide lamp 1000w and 1500w for a stadium or mobile light tower. Choose the precise bulbs for your needs and enjoy low maintenance requirements and high energy efficiency. For more information on Plusrite products and services, please call our team directly. We’re always happy to help.