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LED Lights

LED Lighting Australia

Led Lights – Australia

Since the 1960s, LED lights have been helping the world find its way through the decades, providing bright lights for businesses and homes while using little energy. There’s no wonder why LED lights have become so popular; they’re super bright, more sustainable than traditional bulbs, and cost you far less to run.

Led Lights for All Applications

At Plusrite, we supply one of the largest selections of LED lights in Australia. LED lighting is brilliant for its energy-saving and cost-effective qualities, and you’ll see a massive difference when you decide to upgrade to LED lighting.

Some of the main perks of LED lights include:

Versatile LED lighting system

LED technology is reliable and effective for large spaces that operate under strict safety regulations. Whether you’ve got a warehouse that needs to be well-lit in order to easily find products and deter accidents, or a hole-in-the-wall coffee shop that’s only 6sqm in area, LED lights help you run the business safely as well as efficiently.

High performance, high efficiency

Replace your current lighting system with efficient LEDs and experience the difference it makes to the operation and performance of your commercial or industrial space. LED lighting from Plusrite is available in many shapes and forms, with floodlights, downlights, bulbs and more, all providing high performance lighting without increasing energy costs.

Low power consumption, long life

One of the beautiful things about LED lights is their ability to go and go, while consuming very little amount of power. In fact, LED lights provide up to 50,000 hours of life while using significantly less power than fluorescent or incandescent alternatives. This helps your business stay bright without burning a hole in your wallet.

More lighting control

They also give you more control over your lighting and emit much less heat. LED lights perform well at even just 5%, giving you supreme dimming capabilities if you want to save money overnight, or simply set a more ambient mood. Many other types of lighting, like metal halide, for example, are actually less efficient when dimmed.

Directionality and light coverage

While conventional lighting technology emits 360° of light, this can prove wasteful when you need recessed lighting which only allows around 180° of the light to be shown. This is where LED lights can save energy and money, big time, as they only light up an area of 180° – straight down, exactly where you want your space to be lit.

Plusrite is Australia’s home for high quality LED lighting at competitive prices. Our extensive range of outdoor LED lighting is made to last. Manufactured from the finest materials and Australian tested, they’re designed to withstand the tough Australian climate in any situation. Our LED lighting is waterproof and UV stabilised and comes with generous warranties. We supply a wide range of tough and durable outdoor lighting including solar street lights and flood lights, outdoor wall lights and garden lights, solar bollard lights, and more. Grab a quote from the team and switch to more energy efficient lighting for your business.

Led Lights for All Applications, our range includes:

  • LED floodlights
  • LED wall lights
  • LED panel lights
  • LED batten lights
  • Canopy lights
  • Hydroponic lights
  • Mirrors with LED lights
  • LED oyster lights
  • High bay LED lights
  • LED shed lights
  • Dimmable LED downlights
  • Solar LED lights
  • Outdoor LED lighting
  • Sports lighting