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Plusrite 3 Phase EV Charger 22kW

Plusrite 3 Phase EV Charger 22kW

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Wholesale enquiries welcome! Contact us for a price list.

AC400 3-phase AC EV charger. High 22kW power output (maximum power).

Key features:

  • Long 6-metre charging cable
  • Type 2 plug for use in Australia
  • IP65-rated for indoor/outdoor use
  • Five On/Off RFID cards (for ‘swipe to start’ charging)
  • Mobile smart App with Wifi/Bluetooth
  • SAA approved and certified
  • Solar compatible with Dynamic Load Balancing (DLB)
  • Free shipping Australia-wide
  • 3-year warranty


Fast, safe and convenient 3-phase charging for electric vehicles. Great in homes and commercial settings with select user groups and frequent EV charging changeover, indoors or outdoors. Smart features and app for secure, authorised charging and centralised controls and monitoring. Robust design to support high-usage with premium user features and advanced safety protecting the user, your assets and your EVs. Download the Plusrite Australia 3 Phase EV Charger Product Specifications Sheet.

Need a single phase EV charger? Check out the Plusrite Single Phase EV Charger 7.4kW.


Overview of the Plusrite 3 Phase EV Charger 22kW

The Plusrite 3 Phase EV Charger 22kW is a well-designed, high-performing, quality EV charging solution perfect for domestic, commercial or industrial business use. Suitable for indoors or outdoors, it offers fast and efficient 3-phase charging at maximum speeds for either ‘everyday’ or frequent use by single or multiple users and EVs. A premium, user-optimised charging experience offers convenient ‘no-fuss’ charging and Smart app connectivity provides centralised controls, monitoring and authorised access options. High-tech modern safety features and SAA certification protects your users, your electrical system and your EVs fleet.

Type 2 Plug: Designed for use in Australia with 3-phase compatible electric vehicles. Popular EVs with 3 phase charging compatibility include the Tesla Model 3 and Tesla Model Y (Long Range and Performance models), Hyundai IONIQ 5, Kia EV6, MG ZS EV, Nissan LEAF e+, Ford Mustang Mach-E (GT and California Route 1 models), Porsche Taycan, Audi e-tron GT and the Mercedes-Benz EQS.

Premium user experience with controlled access and monitoring

The Plusrite 3 Phase EV Charger 22kW is designed for convenient, secure, optimised charging. Through Wifi or Bluetooth, the easy-to-use Smart App offers remote monitoring and controls allowing you to set and schedule charging configurations, check charging status, set maximum monthly charging values, view previous charging data and update firmware. You can also update/reprogram your RFID cards and reset passwords to manage access and prevent unauthorised use. Other great features include the LED which provides live feedback on charging progress and a charging indicator light to notify you when charging is complete. The handy 6-metre charging cable provides easy access for EV changeovers and versatility in homes and commercial locations.

Five RFID on/off cards are included with the Plusrite 3 Phase EV Charger 22kW for ‘tap to start’ charging (more cards can be added on request, please enquire). With a simple ‘tap’ the unit beeps and commences charging (and is just as easily turned off again with another tap and beep). Keep your charger plugged in and start/stop charging using the Smart App remotely (great for maximising solar power), even when you’re offsite. We’ve made it a smooth, easy no-fuss process. Use of the RFID card feature is optional and can be turned on/off via the Smart App which is handy if a user loses their card, or if you don’t have your card with you (as you can then operate the charger directly from your phone, via the App).

Powerful and durable for fast-charging and frequent use

The Plusrite 3 Phase EV Charger provides 22kW of the fastest 3 phase charging (the maximum capacity of most modern electric vehicles) providing the quickest charge available for frequent or long-distance drivers and fast fleet change overs. It has a IP65-rated case (patented design) that’s durable and robust to support high-usage and being completely dust and watertight, it’s safe and functional for indoor or outdoor use in residential, commercial or industrial environments.

Solar compatible 3 phase EV charger: fast-charge with renewable energy!

The Plusrite 3 Phase EV Charger 22kW is fully-compatible with existing solar systems where 3-phase power is available. If you are looking to save money and meet sustainability targets, fast-charging with solar power is an environmentally friendly, cost-effective solution for your home or business. Optimise your energy usage by timing your charges when solar is most available. Start and stop the charging process remotely when you are closed or offsite using the App and charge your fleet when it’s sunny (or charge it on a Sunday!). You can also set your charging to solar (or grid power) only, or both.

Reliable, safe and SAA approved keeping your assets protected

Plusrite EV chargers are designed and built to Australian Standards and SAA Certified to ensure that all users are 100% safe including your staff, drivers, clients and customers (or your family, if you are installing your 3-phase EV charger at home). The advanced electrical safety features also keep your electric vehicles, your electricity system and commercial assets protected from electrical damage. These include over and under voltage protection, overcurrent protection, CP signal short-circuit protection, over temperature protection, lightning protection and contractor adhesion protection.

The Plusrite 3 Phase EV Charger 22kW also features an emergency off/reset button, leakage detection button and dynamic loading box with LED screen with increase/decrease buttons. Dynamic Load Balancing (DLB) will balance the demand on your power supply to protect it from overloading while you charge your EV, meaning that the Plusrite 3 Phase EV Charger 22kW can be safely used simultaneously with other appliances or machinery at your home or business.

To view the SAA accreditation approval certificate for the Plusrite 3 Phase EV Charger 22kW, click here. Further information on required safety standards and certification for electrical appliances and equipment in Australia is available at the SAA Approvals website and EESS website.

3 phase EV charger for commercial, industrial and residential use

Fast charging is a convenient option for all EV owners and of particular benefit to frequent EV drivers with regular or long-distance commutes. It also assists companies who need to keep their fleet of electric vehicles productive and operational while reducing downtime. The Plusrite 3 Phase EV Charger 22kW suits a variety of applications:

  • Home EV charging
  • Government vehicle fleets
  • Office buildings and workplaces
  • Taxis and ride-share services
  • Couriers and delivery drivers
  • Transport and logistics
  • Tourism, hotels and accommodation
  • Manufacturers (electric forklifts and other equipment)
  • Companies with EV fleets

Plusrite Australia
is a leading supplier, manufacturer and distributor of high-quality EV chargers. Learn more and see our EV chargers live in action on YouTube!

Your investment is backed by our 3-year warranty and ongoing support is available from the Plusrite team based in Carrum Downs, Melbourne. Call us now on 03 9708 2552 or contact us online to purchase your Plusrite EV charger today. Fast, safe and FREE shipping, Australia wide!

EV Charger Installation

Plusrite partners with and recommends registered, qualified electricians experienced in EV home charger installation as per standards for installing EV chargers AS/NZS 3000:2018. Make sure to book your installation with a Plusrite Australia recommended EV charger installer, to ensure correct setup and installation.

Installing a 3-phase EV charging station at your business? Kevin Schafer from Solstra (one of our recommended installers) covers the facts in a recent blog about commercial EV charging infrastructure. A good read for learning what’s involved and understanding the process.

Wholesale pricing

Are you an electrician? It’s our mission to produce premium products that you will be proud to install and associate with your business name. For wholesale pricing for the Plusrite 3 Phase EV Charger 22kW call our office on (03) 9708 2552 to speak directly with a team member, make an enquiry online, or pop in and visit us in Carrum Downs, Melbourne.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does a 3 phase EV charger take to charge an EV?

A 3-phase charger will charge an EV (3-phase compatible) in around 4-6 hours. A single-phase charger can take 8-12 hours.

What are the benefits of installing a 3 phase EV charger?

There are many benefits of installing a 3 phase EV charger:

  • Drastically faster charging (up to 22kW AC vs 7.4kW AC for single phase EV chargers)
  • Reduced charging time (great for EVs with larger battery packs)
  • Future-proofing (ensure compatibility for your future EVs when it’s time to upgrade)
  • Cheaper charging (charge faster during off-peak periods)
  • Preserve your EV battery (reduce wear and tear and extend its lifespan)
  • Maximise solar energy consumption (save more by charging fast when its sunny)


It’s also important to note that 3 phase EV charger installation requires onsite 3 phase power availability and EVs to be charged need to be 3 phase compatible.

What does RFID stand for?

RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) is a wireless technology that provides communication using radio waves between a reader device and an object (e.g. a RFID card). RFID cards are often utilised for EV chargers with multiple users to provide safe, secure and authorised charging. The Plusrite 3 Phase EV Charger 22kW comes with five RFID cards (more can be added on request – please enquire).

Why should I choose a 3 phase charger with dynamic load balancing (DLB)?

Dynamic Load Balancing (DLB) will balance the demand on your power supply to protect it from overloading while you charge your EV, meaning that the Plusrite 3 Phase EV Charger 22kW can be safely used simultaneously with other appliances or machinery at your home or business.

How does it work? When appliances or machinery are being used, the EV Charger uses less current. As appliances or machinery become idle, more current becomes available for EV Charging.

Read more about Plusrite Australia EV Chargers and see our guide (at our EV Chargers overview page) to help you understand the features and what to look for in a quality EV charger.

EV Chargers for home or business - Single or Three Phase. Simple to operate and easy to install.


Plusrite Three Phase EV Charger Specifications

Plusrite Three Phase EV Charger Features


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