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Plusrite 3 Phase EV Charger 22kW

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AC400 3-phase AC EV charger. High 22kW power output (maximum power).

Key features:

  • Long 6-metre charging cable
  • Type 2 plug for use in Australia
  • IP65-rated for indoor/outdoor use
  • Five On/Off RFID cards (for ‘swipe to start’ charging)
  • Mobile smart App with Wifi/Bluetooth
  • SAA approved and certified
  • Solar compatible with Dynamic Load Balancing (DLB)
  • Free shipping Australia-wide
  • 3-year warranty


Fast, safe and convenient 3-phase charging for electric vehicles. Great in homes and commercial settings with select user groups and frequent EV charging changeover, indoors or outdoors. Smart features and app for secure, authorised charging and centralised controls and monitoring. Robust design to support high-usage with premium user features and advanced safety protecting the user, your assets and your EVs. Download the Plusrite Australia 3 Phase EV Charger Product Specifications Sheet.

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