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EV Home Charger Australia

EV Home Charger

Excellence in manufacturing and distribution of quality EV home chargers, based right here in Australia.

Plusrite Australia is a leading supplier, manufacturer and distributor of high-quality EV home chargers for domestic, commercial and industrial use. We supply EV chargers Australia-wide including to commercial retailers, installers and electricians – ensuring fast and safe delivery via our reliable courier service.

Our innovative design includes premium user-friendly features for convenient and streamlined smart charging and modern safety features to protect you, your home and your EV.

Based right here in Australia, our customers enjoy our attentive and dependable customer service as a reputable supplier of well-designed, reliable and durable EV chargers that perform. Call our office on (03) 9708 2552 to speak directly with a team member about our products or get a quotation today.

EV Home Charger Installation by Plusrite Australia Recommend Contractor
EV Home Charger Installation by a Plusrite Australia – Recommended Contractor

EV home chargers

At Plusrite, we’re not afraid to think outside the box. We heavily invest in product innovation to maximise the capacity, usability and durability of our products so they perform and serve those who use them best.

Models of EV home chargers

Plusrite offers single-phase and three-phase EV home charger models as detailed below:

Model EV7.4KW/DLB/T27.4kW (maximum power), AC240 single-phase AC EV charger.
Model EV22KW/DLB/T222kW (maximum power), AC400, three-phase AC EV charger

Both models are a Type 2 charging plug for use in Australia and compatible with all modern electric vehicles.

Plusrite’s IP65 patented design case maximises our product lifespan and makes both EV home charger models practical and safe to use in both indoor and outdoor locations, being completely dust-tight and water resistant.

EV Home Charger and Mobile App

Great user features

Experience the difference with Plusrite’s premium products and unique, user-oriented experience. Both our single-phase and 3-phase EV home charger models include the following features.

  • 6-metre charging cable
  • RFID (on/off) cards for convenient ‘swipe to start’ charging
  • LED light display and charging indicator
  • Wifi and bluetooth connectivity
  • Smart App.

Five RFID on/off cards are included and provided with both models for initiating charging.

Safe and protected

User safety is paramount and we’ve incorporated a host of features to keep you, your home electrical system and your EV safe.

  • Dynamic Load Balancing (DLB) to prevent overloading
  • An IP65 rating for safe charging indoor or outdoors
  • Over/under voltage and overcurrent protection
  • Emergency stop mechanism
  • CP signal short-circuit protection
  • Over temperature and lightning protection

Plusrite Australia EV home chargers will safely operate in environments within a temperature range of -25C – 55C.

EV home charger smart app

Plusrite’s intuitive EV home chargers connect via wifi or bluetooth to a smart app, providing even more security and great user features.

  • Bind the EV charger to your phone only
  • Reset the password when needed and prevent theft
  • View charging data and status and view charge history
  • Set configurations like charging current and ‘DLB mode’
  • Scheduled charging
  • Set maximum monthly charging values

Using the smart app, essential firmware updates can also be downloaded and installed when required, which maintains the unit.

Quality assurance

Plusrite Australia (a branch of Plusrite Electric) is a respected global leader in electrical products, with an industry-leading international manufacturing and supply chain.

Our group has received multiple awards recognising our continued product innovation and the calibre of the technology we produce. We have also received:

  • ISO 9001 Quality System Certification, and
  • ISO 14001 Environmental Management System Certification.

Innovation, quality and service are at the forefront of our operations and it’s our mission to produce premium products that you will be proud to install and associate with your business name.

EV Home Charger Plug

Quick, no-fuss delivery

As a reputable Australian supplier, part of our premium service is getting your EV home charger to you fast. We provide shipping Australia-wide and it’s free for all orders over $300.

We partner with TNT and Direct Freight couriers meaning in most cases, your order can be received as fast as 1-3 business days. Receive a tracking number so you can track your delivery and manage your time accordingly. We maintain communication with you and keep things as hassle-free as we can.

Based in Australia

Plusrite is a local EV charger manufacturer and supplier based in Melbourne Australia – making it easy to source your products close to home and directly from the source. You are also supporting an Australian business.

Plusrite also partners with and recommends registered, qualified electricians experienced in EV home charger installation as per standards for installing EV chargers AS/NZS 3000:2018.

Customer support and warranty

Plusrite home EV chargers come with a 3-year warranty. Further details including our shipping and delivery and returns and exchanges policy is available here.

Being an Australian-based company, our team is here when you need us to be. We’re prompt and professional and available to take your enquiries.

We’re genuine, authentic, real people! We know our products and would be pleased to help you find what you need. Read our 5 star Google reviews.

We’re trade friendly! Contact us

For more information about our EV home chargers, stockists, or for a product sheet, contact us on (03) 9708 2552 or pop in and visit us. We’re based in Carrum Downs, Melbourne!

Frequently asked questions

What is Dynamic Load Balancing?

Dynamic load balancing (sometimes referred to as its acronym, DLB). Both EV home charger models by Plusrite (both single-phase and three-phase) include this essential feature.

DLB balances the demand on the power supply when multiple appliances are operating by sending less current to the EV charger, providing protection against overloading while you charge your EV. DLB will up the current again when there is less demand by other appliances.

What does IP65 mean?

IP65 is an Ingress Protection Rating, indicating a dust-tight and water resistant product.

Plusrite Australia ensures that its EV charger models conform to the IP65 rating criteria for practicality and longevity, making them functional in the elements and to protect them from physical damage associated with dust and rain.
Products with an IP65 rating are particularly good for outdoor public and commercial charging stations.

What is the difference between DC and AC EV chargers?

AC charging typically uses a regular power outlet or a dedicated AC charger, usually in home settings. It is a slower form of charging, adding approximately 10-20 km of range per hour of charging. DC charging is much faster and does not use the vehicle’s onboard charger, directly delivering DC power to the battery. This can add approximately 40-100 km or more of range per 10-30 minutes of charging, depending on the charger and the vehicle’s capabilities. AC charging can be single-phase or three-phase, with three-phase charging being faster and often used in commercial or industrial settings.

16 reviews on
Mr T
Mr T
I purchased an EV charger from these guys last week. The whole experience has been great! Ross, who I think is the owner/manager was super helpful with product knowledge and tips before and after buying the unit. Highly recommended.
John Allen
John Allen
We visited their office after viewing video of Plusrite car charger. Ross explained how the charger works and showed us the one fitted at his office that he uses for his E car. We needed it for our Renault E tech. Ross was able to recommend an electrician to install and it works beautifully. Ross is happy to spend time with you and his experience with E cars means he has the answers to the questions you will have. Great product, fair price and really good service.
Ravi Krishnan
Ravi Krishnan
Bought the Plusrite Single Phase charger. Fast shipping. Relatively easy installation ( but no install manual). Z Box app. Works well. Response to owner- Yes 3 books . 2 for DLB and 1 for Z-Box. Factory must have missed the installation guide but no issue as easy to work out install. Thanks
Lindsay Wood
Lindsay Wood
Amazing service. After ordering from Michael I expected the lights to take a week to get to Brisbane (like many items I buy from interstate suppliers), but no, these turned up the next business day. Well done.
Olivia Peacock
Olivia Peacock
Ross and the Plusrite team have the knowledge and expertise to get you the best quality products at a very competitive price. Biggest range of products I’ve seen in Australia. Would recommend.
Graeme Robinson
Graeme Robinson
This company sells quality lighting equipment.Very happy with my solar lights.Thank you warren and ross.
Ian Thompson
Ian Thompson
Bought some BLUE LED Garden Solar lights - cheaper price than I could find elsewhere. The people at PLUSRITE were prompt and answered all questions - the products arrived very quickly and all are working great. Highly recommend!
Cece Tee
Cece Tee
Amazing quick delivery! Bought LEDs for chandelier and it looks amazing. Thank you!
Maurice Scalia
Maurice Scalia
Purchased the AU08-DL30W/W/S downlights with romote in October 2020 but only installed 3 weeks ago. They are great lights & the remote & setup are very easy to use. I Installed the new downlights as the existing downlights had power sockets in the ceiling space which meant that I could unplug my old ones & simply plug in the new ones. That was easy apart from having to enlarge the plaster hole size & make good. The amount of overall light & spread is great & the dimming works really well. I intend to buy more of these soon
Lisa Webber
Lisa Webber
We are VERY happy with our new LED solar flood lights. So much so, we ordered a heap more for us and family. It was a simple phone call and the lights were on their way- soooooo excited. Thanks Plurite.

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