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Electric Bikes Melbourne

Electric Bikes Melbourne

Plusrite Australia is a leading supplier and manufacturer of quality electric bikes (e-bikes) based right here in Melbourne, from the eco-friendly daily commute to the off-road dirt bike of your dreams. 

We would be pleased to assist with an e-bike that suits you, your ride and your budget and provide advice with everything you need to get on the road legally and safely. 

Visit our showroom in Melbourne to see the quality yourself and invest in trusted, genuine advice from a reputable, Australian-owned business. Your investment is protected by our 2-year warranty and we also provide free shipping, Australia-wide! 

Call (03) 9708 2552 to speak directly with a team member about our range of electric bikes and experience our friendly and attentive customer service.

Invest in the best

Our e-bikes feature innovative design and are well-built to suit their use – maximising capacity, usability and durability. With optimum performance and premium easy-to-use features, your ride experience is convenient, reliable and enjoyable. 

  • Modern, innovative designs for specific terrains and riding environments 
  • Quality construction that’s durable and sturdy, for a seamless ride and preserved life span 
  • Convenient and purposeful user features for a smooth, comfortable ride experience
  • Premium mechanical parts and motor for responsiveness, precision and longevity
  • Quality lithium batteries for optimum battery life and ride range
  • Advanced user interface controls and LCD display for monitoring speed, battery power and distance travelled 
  • Safe, compliant and weather proof (IP65 rated)

We ensure only quality components and craftsmanship including premium suspension, drive train, superior brakes, strong wheels with quality tyres, a comfortable seat and a safe robust frame made from strong magnesium/aluminium alloy.

Electric bike range

Plusrite stocks a selected range of high-quality electric bikes in Melbourne to suit a range of uses and terrain including general purpose electric bikes, electric mountain bikes and electric dirt bikes. We stock only the best, catering for urban riders, mountain trail adventurers, dirt bike thrill-seekers and more. 

Electric Bikes

Run errands and explore your urban surroundings while you relax and ride in comfort. For general use and the urban commuter! Both the Peacock Electric Bike and the Fantail Electric Bike are foldable.

Fantail Electric Folding Bike LB-EBV1

Electric Road/Mountain Bikes

Tackle commutes with mixed terrains, uphill climbs and mountain trails out in nature. For the off-road trail masters! 

Electric Mountain Bike

Electric Dirt Bikes Melbourne

Optimised for power, speed, performance and precision. Bluetooth connectivity for precise performance monitoring. Built for the off-road, thrill-seeking adventurer!

Electric Dirt Bike Australian Plusrite Cheetah 2 White

All Plusrite electric bikes feature a high-quality lithium battery, providing super efficient charge time and ride range. Batteries in all models (*excluding the Hawk Electric Mountain Bike), can be removed for charging and in fact, the Cheetah 2 Electric Dirt Bike 1200W, able to do 0-100 km per hour in just 5 seconds!!!

Our team can help you customise your e-bike with a range of accessories such as lights, memory foam seats, cargo racks, bells, pet baskets, or fenders, depending on your needs.

Talk to the experts

Don’t risk buying something you’re not happy with. What if there’s a better fit? Things like battery life, ride range, design and user features will all affect your ride – so choose carefully! Talking to an expert will equip you with the facts you need to make the best decision in choosing the perfect electric bike for you. 

Friendly and attentive customer support

We’re here to assist you with your purchase and help find the best bike for you. Our friendly team has a wealth of product knowledge and experience with e-bikes. We will point out the key things to consider when investing in a quality e-bike and provide guidance and recommendations based on your:

  • Ride preferences
  • Intended use
  • Customisations/accessories
  • Budget

We know our products and would be pleased to help you find what you need. Check out our 5-star Google Reviews!

Get compliant, safe and road-ready

Our team can also assist with guidance and accessories to get you on the road on your electric bike, legally and safely. It’s important to observe the current road rules that apply for using an e-bike and get equipped with the required protection and safety gear such as a bell, front and rear lights, a helmet and reflectors.  

Currently in Victoria, the road rules for the use of pedal powered bicycles also apply for the use of electric bikes/e-bikes. Currently, they are not required to be registered and the rider does not require a licence. More information can be found at the VicRoads website under Power Assisted Bicycles and Bicycle Road Rules

New to electric bikes? We’re here to help! You can also visit our FAQs to learn more about electric bikes

Why choose Plusrite? 

Plusrite Australia is a respected global leader in electrical products, with an industry-leading international manufacturing and supply chain. Our group has received multiple awards recognising our continued product innovation and the calibre of the technology we produce. Innovation, quality and service are at the forefront of our operations and it’s our mission to produce premium products.

  • Reputable brand and supplier
  • Selection of electric bike types
  • Melbourne showroom (visit and try!)
  • Experienced staff to assist you
  • Ongoing product support
  • Australian-owned and operated 
  • 2-year warranty on all e-bikes
  • Free shipping!

All Plusrite e-bikes are backed by our 2-year warranty! For more information on our shipping and delivery and returns and exchanges policy

Australian-owned and operated

Buying from a trusted, quality manufacturer within Australia means you have accessible support when you need it. We’re prompt, professional and available to take your enquiries. 

Free shipping!

As a reputable Australian supplier, part of our premium service is getting your new electric bike to you fast (for free!) using our safe and reliable courier service. In most cases, you will have your e-bike in 1-3 business days. You will also receive a tracking number so you can track your delivery. We will maintain communication with you and keep things as hassle-free as we can.

Melbourne showroom – visit us!

Visit our Carrum Downs showroom and look, touch, and try before you buy! We back our products 100% and would love to show you in person. Have confidence in your purchase by seeing it first to make sure it feels right and ask our knowledgeable staff any questions that may come to mind. Cover all bases.

Plusrite electric bikes Melbourne – product summary 

This handy comparison table provides a summary of our electric bikes and a direct link to each product page, where you can find detailed product specifics and pricing. 

TypeProduct nameBatteryMotorMax speedRangeConstruction and size/weightBike size
Electric Dirt Bike
2 year warranty
Plusrite Cheetah 2 Electric Dirt BikeCATL 72V lithium battery (50Ah and 60Ah options) for extended range
Charging time 1-6 hours (10Ah charger)
4-speed with clutch
72V  12000W electric motor
Rear wheel drive
125 KM/HRide up to 130km (150km for the 60Ah model) on a single charge. Q345b + 6061 forged aluminium alloy 
maximum loading weight 150KG
L 2120mmW 840mmH 1225mm
Electric Mountain Bike
2 year warranty
Plusrite Falcon Electric Mountain Bike 
Lithium Battery 48V/16AH 
Charging Time: 5-8 Hours
7 Speed for manual and 5 speed for electric
750W brushless motor 
Rear wheel drive

45km/h 50-60kms range without pedallingMagnesium alloy
Max Loading Weight:150 kgs

Bike Size:1835*640**1110mm
Electric Mountain Bike
2 year warranty
Plusrite Hawk Electric Mountain Bike
Battery: Lithium Battery 48V/20AH

Charging Time: 5-8 Hours
7 Speed for manual and 5 speed for electric
500W brushless motor
Rear wheel drive
45km/h50-60kms range without pedalling (5 speed electric motor)Material: Aluminium alloy
Max Loading Weight:150 kgs
Electric Bike – general use

2 year warranty
Plusrite Fantail Electric Bike
Removable Lithium Battery 48V/15AH 
Charging Time: 5-7 Hours 
7 Speed for manual and 5 speed for electric
500W brushless motor 
Rear wheel drive
40km/h 50kms range without pedallingAluminum alloy 
Max Loading Weight:120 kgs
Bike Size:1600*350*740mm
Electric Bike – general use
2 year warranty
Plusrite Peacock Electric Bike 250W
Removable Lithium Battery 36V/10AH 
Charging Time: 3-5 Hours 
7 Speed for manual and 3 speed for electric 
250W brushless motor 
Rear wheel drive
25km/h25kms range without pedaling Magnesium alloy
Max Loading Weight:120 kgs
Bike Size:1568*634*1056mm

Electric bike fleet?

If you are shopping for a fleet of e-bikes for a commercial organisation or public use, we would be pleased to provide a quotation or meet with you to discuss your needs. 

Purchasing an electric bike in Melbourne?

If you are considering purchasing an electric bike in Melbourne, we would love to show you what we have available. For more information, product sheets, chat directly with a sales team member on (03) 9708 2552 or pop in and visit us. We’re based in Carrum Downs! Visit us.

Electric bike FAQs

New to electric bikes? We’ve put together some frequently asked questions to explain a bit about electric bikes! 

What’s the point of an electric bike (motor-assisted bicycle)?

Electric bikes are a cost-saving, eco-friendly alternative to get you from A to B easier, allowing you to cover long distances and reach higher speeds, with less pedalling effort. You can choose how much you want to pedal and easily switch between manual and electric mode with a push of a button. 

Is an electric bike worth buying?

Electric bikes are much cheaper to run than motorbikes and cars with savings on fuel, time (in traffic or waiting for public transport), parking, insurance, and maintenance. Using an e-bike may actually make your trip faster, as they are great for bypassing heavy traffic and much easier to park. Of course exercise and fresh air are also great added health/fitness benefits! 

What is the best electric bike to buy?

The right design, user features and performance will all affect the ride experience and overall enjoyment of your e-bike. Here’s some key things to consider when investing in the best e-bike for you.

– Quality-made
– Good warranty
– Designed to suit intended use
– Features you need
– Budget

What are the key components of an electric bike?

If you’ve just started e-bike shopping, it pays to know a bit about the key components. The right type, user features and performance ability will all affect the ride experience and overall enjoyment of your new e-bike.

Battery life – Capacity is measured in watt-hours (Wh). Check that the battery charge time suits your needs and it has an IP rating for protection from dust and water.  

Ride range – The distance (km) the e-bike can travel on a single charge (without pedalling). This can vary based on battery capacity, weight of the bike/rider, amount of motor assistance and the terrain. 

Maximum speed – Each make/model has a maximum speed (kph).

Bike/tyre size – City/urban e-bikes have a smaller frame and wheels for easy mounting and comfort. E-MTB’s and dirt bikes have larger frames and wider tyres with heavier tread for trail riding. 

Construction – City/urban bikes have a lightweight frame for speed and efficiency on paved surfaces. Dirt and mountain e-bikes have a more sturdy, heavier frame and advanced suspension/braking systems. 

Performance monitoring – Most e-bikes feature an LED screen displaying speed, battery charge and more. Some also feature bluetooth connectivity (such as the Plusrite Cheetah 2 Electric Dirt Bike) for performance control and monitoring.

Are electric bikes heavy?

Electric bikes are heavier than regular bikes due to the battery and motor (consider this if you will need to lift the bike or carry it up stairs). Plusrite general purpose/commuter electric bikes (Peacock Electric Bike and the Fantail Electric Bike) are both foldable!

How much is an electric bike?

Electric bikes range in price depending on the type, brand/model and any customisations. Prices for our quality electric bikes can be found at the product pages linked below, or by chatting with our friendly team today on (03) 9708 2552. You can also pop in and visit us at our showroom in Carrum Downs, Melbourne!

Peacock Electric Bike 250W
Fantail Electric Bike 500W
Falcon Electric Mountain Bike 750W 
Hawk Electric Mountain Bike 500W
Cheetah 2 Electric Dirt Bike 1200W

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