Why Use Led Hydroponic Lights?

These lights require less energy so you will see a significant decrease in your electricity bills while minimising your carbon footprint. The biggest advantage of using LED hydroponic lamps is that they can be engineered to emit highly specific wavelengths of light. Plants respond well to certain wavelengths in a light spectrum, and LED lights have the ability to produce the exact wavelength you require. This gives you more control once you understand the precise configuration that works best for your chosen species of plant. You can make informed decisions on what works for your plants, and create effective strategies for breeding high-quality plant strains.

Plusrite Indoor Lighting Solutions

The hydroponic range from Plusrite features brand-new patented construction and the Sylvania Wound Ignition Antenna. These features improve starting reliability and also extend the lamp’s lifespan. The exclusive “frameless” construction gives our range of lights superior efficiency and improves the lumen maintenance over the lamp’s life. You’ll enjoy exceptional reliability and four years of light.

A Full Range of Indoor and Outdoor Lighting Solutions

At Plusrite, we supply an extensive range of indoor and outdoor solar and electrical LED lighting solutions including:
  • LED floodlights
  • LED wall lights
  • LED panel lights
  • LED batten lights
  • Canopy lights
  • Hydroponic lights
  • Mirrors with LED lights
  • LED oyster lights
  • High bay LED lights
  • LED shed lights
  • Dimmable LED downlights
  • Solar LED lights
  • Outdoor LED lighting
  • Sports lighting
  • Solar bollard lights
  • Solar wall lights
  • Outdoor garden lights
  • Oyster light fittings
  • Solar flood lights
For more information on our products and services in Australia, contact the team of lighting experts at Plusrite by calling (03) 8628 5815