Choosing the right security lights

Your Plusrite security lights can be wall-mounted, pole-mounted or installed on the ground in hard to reach areas. Wherever you need even light distribution that can complement your security cameras, an LED security light is your best option for improving safety. Map out the area that you need illuminated and place these lights evenly around the perimeter to ensure there are no dangerous dark spots. Cooler temperature lights are better for increasing security camera visibility. LED wall lights are best for the sides of buildings, or you can choose an LED floodlight to illuminate parking lots and large parks.

The Plusrite manufacturing guarantee

Plusrite LED security light systems come with a 5-year warranty and a Flex-in-Plug for simple and reliable operation. Enjoy up to 50,000 hours of life from these installations and experience the difference that bright, even lighting can make to the security of your building. Choose the right wattage for your needs and get in touch for more information. You can contact the Plusrite team of lighting experts for assistance by calling (03) 9708 2552 today.