Efficient & sustainable light solutions

Businesses across Australia have been making the transition to effective T8 LED bulbs because they have a low environmental impact and last an incredibly long time. If you’re tired of replacing your underperforming lights, make the switch to T8 LED tube lights and experience the simplicity and functionality of good lighting. These lights reach their maximum brightness instantly, last up to 50,000 hours, use approximately 85% less energy than halogen lights, and they are safer to operate. LED products require minimal maintenance and reduce electricity usage by over 50%.

Choose lights that work for you

LED lighting is a fantastic alternative to fluorescent tubes because they have a far lower tendency for burning out, making them much more reliable in commercial and industrial settings. Plusrite innovative design ensures these lights operate at a cooler temperature and don’t emit dangerous UV rays. All of our LED tube lights feature improved colour rendering abilities, and you can choose an installation with motion sensors for added simplicity. For more information on Plusrite products and services, get in touch by calling (03) 9708 2552.