Choosing an LED Batten Light

We stock a large range of LED batten light products with various specifications that can be perfectly matched to your home or business. If you need lights that can handle outdoor conditions, we have weatherproof batten lights that are durable and highly efficient. Depending on your needs and budget, Plusrite has the solution for you. You can even simplify the operation of these lights by choosing a model that comes with a motion sensor. Install these LED models wherever you have fluorescents and enjoy a cost-effective and aesthetically pleasing lighting system.

Easy-to-install LED batten light

At Plusrite, we focus on innovation and design excellence, so our batten light products can provide 50,000 hours of life. Installing, maintaining and replacing the LED systems has never been easier. The frosted cover on these LED batten lights reduces unwanted glare while seamlessly fitting into the design of your building. The covers are also IK08-rated to withstand major impacts. Speak to Plusrite to discuss your current situation and we will recommend the number of LED batten light options that will work for you. For more information, contact us on (03) 9708 2552.