How It Works

Using varying wavelengths of LED lights and adapted from game-changing technology created by NASA, LED face masks can be used for anything from anti-ageing and acne treatments to increasing collagen production and fighting pigmentation.

The best LED face masks use a four-colour phototherapy system, which allows you to apply red, blue, yellow or pink light to your skin to achieve your desired results, smoothen your skin and have you looking and feeling better than ever.

At-home LED face masks are slightly less powerful than the ones you’d get at a dermatologist's office, making them completely safe to use. But don’t be fooled into thinking this means you won’t get the results you’re after! With the right consistency you’ll be able to see changes that rival what you’d get from a professional treatment. It’s also important to note that LED masks do not contain any UV rays, so you don’t have to worry about burning or causing long-term damage to your skin.

If you’re looking to buy LED light technology to add to your skincare routine, Plusrite has you covered with our safe, powerful and affordable face masks for salon-quality treatment in your own home.