Cost-Effective LED Canopy Lights

When you want efficient and durable lighting solutions that reduce your environmental impact, LED lighting is the way to go. You will save huge amounts of money on your energy bills while presenting yourself as a conscious and responsible organisation. LED lights are also safer to operate because they generate less heat than halogen and fluorescent lighting, protecting your customers and employees. One of the major benefits of LED Canopy Lights is how long lasting and strong they are in comparison to conventional fluorescent lighting. Each one of our products comes with an Aluminium die-casing and outdoor-rated powder-coated housing.

Create a safer environment today

When safety is a high priority in your lighting needs, LED lighting is perfect for achieving complete light coverage that eliminates dark spots. Parking lots, train stations, and schools are just three examples of areas that need quality lighting in out-of-the-way locations. Proper illumination makes it easier for your security staff to do their jobs while making sure all employees and customers are comfortable and safe. For more information on lighting solutions from Plusrite, call (03) 9708 2552. At Plusrite, we supply an extensive range of indoor and outdoor solar and electrical LED lighting solutions including: