Control Your Led Street Light System

Residential and commercial areas need reliable sources of lighting that will help you reduce CO2 emissions for a greener city. LED lighting from Plusrite can reduce energy use by up to 50%, and it requires less ongoing maintenance than traditional incandescent or fluorescent lighting. Every Plusrite LED street light system has been specially designed for versatility and intelligence, allowing you to easily manage, maintain and monitor your street lighting securely and remotely. You will receive transparent data from your connected lighting system that will help you make smart choices and highlight areas where you could improve efficiency.

Smart and Efficient Design

LED street lights from Plusrite boast an excellent thermal design that reduces the amount of heat generated by each light. Protecting the systems from overheating means LED chips have an impressively long lifespan. This unique design will produce approximately 50,000 hours of light – that’s nearly six years of low-maintenance road safety. Using SMD LED technology and a reliable Flex-in-Plug driver, our LED street lights are built to last. For more information about our products and services, contact us on (03) 9708 2552. At Plusrite, we supply an extensive range of indoor and outdoor solar and electrical LED lighting solutions including: